Falcon Nest Chateau

The chateau was built in 1881 in alpine style, completely unusual in our country. Clan Clary-Aldringen used it to accommodate his distinguished guests. Still enjoys a stylish restaurant with original decoration of wooden walls and ceiling.

They invited workers from Italy to do so for the simple reason - they were the cheapest labor. The whole mansion was built in a single year, which is almost a record time in its size and the time it was built in. A few years later, a railing was built on the rocky outcrops in the immediate surroundings. A fee was paid for entering the premises soon after the restaurant was built. Access road from Hřensko named The Pelagiensteig was paved in the late 1970s. And then there was the construction of a promenade path towards Mezní Louka. The first tourists were recruited from the ranks of burghers and noble society. Despite the fact that the Hřenska road to the Pravčická gate is only a few kilometers away, it was customary to hire a mule or a group of carriers for the trip.